Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2010

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Cultural Programme :   Two Events with Anouar Benmalek

2–7 March 2010 – Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre


A)  Literrary Club Al-Multaqua (Member of the Movement of clubs for UNESCO), March 4


   B) Meet Anouar Benmalek at Kitab Sofa,  March 5
    The Algerian and French novelist, mathematician and journalist Anouar Benmalek is the author of 14 books, mostly novels, which have been translated into more than 10 languages. His latest novel, ‘The Kidnapping’, on the Algerian war of independence, was very well greeted in Algeria and in France, with some critics even speaking of it as a “masterpiece” (E. Charles-Roux of the Goncourt Academy in France, for example, as well as the influential daily newspaper El Watan in Algeria)
Preceded by a book-signing
Venue: KITAB Sofa (Arabic/English)

KITAB Sofa – Please Have a Seat! This intimate venue offers the perfect chance to get up close and personal with leading writers from around the world. At the 2010 ADIBF, the KITAB Sofa will host a line-up of authors hand-picked by the fair’s organisers to give visitors a taste of the rich diversity of global literature today. Hailing from India and Pakistan, Europe and the US and countries from across the Arab World, they include established literary greats and celebrated newcomers alike. Most have won prizes, many of them double as poets, playwrights, journalists or screenwriters—and most importantly, we believe that all of them have something vital to contribute to the global literary dialogue. Come see for yourself!  Location: 8K46